Server Data Binding window flicker on Mac

Wappler Version : 2.1.3
Operating System : Mac 10.14.5

Expected behavior

Server Data Binding window should open on click

Actual behavior

Server Data Binding window flickers on screen, then disappears. After several attempts, the window will behave as desired. This behavior happens about 50% of the time.

How to reproduce

Navigate to any of the database query server actions, and attempt to open the Server Data Binding as shown in the attached screen movie. Have not been able to identify any specifics that cause this to happen some times, but not others. (5.5 MB)

I experience this almost everyday on the remote Windows machine I use. I thought it had something to do with working on remote, because I have never experienced this on my local Windows machine Wappler.
Seeing this post, i think it might be a Wappler issue.

I also see this flickering when setting header/input/query params in the API server action properties.

A workround I have found for this double clicking the action/bolt icon. It keeps the picker window visible, allows formatting and stuff, but saving doesn’t set the value in the field. So I just copy the binding value, hit save, then paste the value directly in the input.