Server connect does not reset cached data

Wappler Version : 5.6.1
Operating System : mac
Server Model: node
Database Type:
Hosting Type:

Expected behavior

When I use .reset() on a server connect that has Data caching enabled, the server connect data AND the cached data should be removed.

Actual behavior

Only the server connect data is removed. The cached data remains.

How to reproduce

Create a server connect with caching enabled:

<dmx-serverconnect id="get_current_user" url="/api/users/get_current_user" cache="session1" ttl="900"></dmx-serverconnect>

And create an event that uses reset to clear the data:

<dmx-serverconnect id="logout_user" noload="" url="/api/users/logout_user" dmx-on:success="run([{run:{action:`get_current_user.reset()`,outputType:'text'}},{run:{action:`browser1.goto(\'/\')`,outputType:'text'}}])"></dmx-serverconnect>