Sending One Email Message to Various Queried Groups

Is it possible to create a $_POST.variable in a form to email by using the field input that contains a group of emails:;;;;;;;;;

Or should I create a variable, i.e.,

omt_email = “;;;;;;;;;” and then use the variable in the $_POST.omt_email?

Or, if a variable is best to add to the $_POST, how can I assign the omt_email to the variable?

For some reason, the above attempts have failed to send the email to these recipients.

So my question is… would it be best to use another repeat inside the Steps that would use the query_omt? This would necessitate multiple repeats if I understand the process.

Which I assume could then be inserted just under the query_ms Repeat. (see image below)

I hope this makes sense… Thanks for any guidance, opinions, and/or instructions.

For some reason, this continues to fail. Any suggestions?