Search feature no longer opening in code view (multi-file search)

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Wappler Version : 2.4.2
Operating System : Windows 10

Expected behavior

Clicking a search result, following a multi-file search, should open the relevant page, if not already open, with the relevant line highlighted.

Actual behavior

If the page is not initially open, the page opens in Design View; obviously the relevant line is not highlighted.

How to reproduce

Perform a multi-file search (search icon at top left of screen) and click a search result. That should be all that is required to locate the relevant line. What is actually required:
Click the search result
(Wait for the page to render in Design View)
Click the Code or Split View button
Click the search result again

As mentioned in another shortly-to-be-closed thread, the multi-file search lacks expected functionality (functionality which works very well and as expected in the page search). I don’t know if this sort of matter should be a feature request; it’s as much an issue than a request (and I don’t suppose anybody who uses the feature would not want it to work as expected).

Page search works as you expect:
Ctrl+F, type or select default and press Enter. Works really well. (No clicking needed.)

Multi-file search (subject of this thread): Ctrl+Alt+F - focus is not applied to the search field, so it has to be clicked. Type search criteria and press Enter: nothing happens - the Find All button has to be clicked.
(You can press the tab key to select the button, but there’s no indication that the button is selected.)