Routes On A Content Page

Wappler Version : 5.3.1
Operating System : Mac Big Sur
Server Model: Node Js
Database Type: Postgres
Hosting Type: Docker

Expected behavior
When creating a page route on a content page for the url page to be loaded or if no url is selected load the contents inside the route

Actual behavior
If no URL is specified I just get a not found error

If a URL is specified inside the VIEWS folder it will not load the page but was loading any content inside the route

If a URL from inside the PUBLIC folder it doesn’t show the content already in the route but will load the page connected

How to reproduce

Create a Layout and Content page in Node Js
On the content page add a page route and try one from inside public and one inside views along with one with no attached file

The above was not working as this file is in my VIEWS folder if I place it inside PUBLIC it loads the connected page

Not sure if this is a bug or user error

I also noticed that deleting the page route element didn’t remove the route from the routing panel as mentioned in: