Retrieve Stripe element from server connect

Hello there,

is there anyway to retrieve Stripe element from server connect? I have the big headache trying to display the list of invoice from Stripe to the user page.
Is there anyway you can help?

Thank you

Have you figured it out?
Did you mean that your Stripe Element generated an object and now you want to retrieve that object ID on the serve side?
Did you try the Retrieve Invoice component?

No, I was not able to retrieve it. I had to manually add it to the database and create a custom css to display it for the customer.
However, I am sure there is a way to do it with Wappler.

Indeed you can save into your DB but there is a way to do it “on the fly”.
I am trying to figure it out, follow this Stripe Connect: Help to fetch the ID created on the Client Side for use in Server Side

No problem. I will give you an update if I succeed.