Report Generation Tool - Wappler vs Bubble vs Other

I want to (hire someone to) create a tool that will allow me to integrate data from a number of different web-based softwares that I use. With that data integrated, I want to be able to manipulate the data and create reports that incorporate data and calculations from those sources. I want to be able to download the reports as PDF and email them to clients.

Unfortunately none of the data sources has an open API. One will generate a nightly CSV that will be placed on an SFTP site. Another will rely on me periodically downloading a CSV, I may want to incorporate OCR for a PDF for additional data, and some data will be manually entered.

This is for my internal use only, so it doesn't need to be super fancy, but the PDF reports will be shared with clients, so those do need to be "pretty".

I really have no knowledge of either, I just know what I want to accomplish.

Would either Bubble or Wappler be a good fit?

Welcome to Wappler!

Both of it can do the job.

The bubble might be simpler for a completely non-coder background, however, the cost can be prohibitive just to query a bit of complex data.

Wappler might require your hand a little bit dirty to learn technical stuff, especially when querying data and deploying apps to the server.

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So if I was hiring someone to do this, would you recommend hiring someone with knowledge of Wappler? I'm assuming that this would be faster and less expensive than completely custom coding without the use of a low-code/no-code tool.

You may post to Jobs categories with project detail to hire someone.
If you are thinking hiring someone to build for you, using completely code are usually the suitable options. More agency can do for you.