Questions about publish manager

I’m probably blind, but where is this supposed to show up?

I was expecting it to be a tag or release.

I’ve just published with these settings:

In github I don’t see a tag 1.2 nor a release image

Well you can see the changes you apply on publish in the Git manager:

Well if there are no files to commit nothing happens indeed. Not sure if just tagging in git without any files makes sense.

Ah, so this is just the commit message?
I usually always commit before deploying to production


  1. Save last used publish settings, as they stay the same yet the defaults are not what I want (there’s a database I don’t want migrations to be applied to). Sometimes I forget to uncheck it which leads to errors.

  2. Provide a way to connect to CI. (I don’t understand this fully yet, so I might be understanding it wrong)
    I’d like to automatically run Cypress tests when deploying. Currently I made a script in the package.json file. But want to build it out soon to be more automated.
    Ideally: I publish with this new publish manager, and it runs these automated tests.

  3. Provide a way of versioning. (I haven’t fully thought this out)
    Some systematic way of adding version numbers, perhaps github tags? Because then:

  • I know which version has introduced a bug (can link that to Sentry)
  • I can reroll to a certain version easier

I’m now manually applying tags every time I deploy to production. But as you can already see, it’s hard to be consistent image

But that is already possible!

So this is just a commit message right? Or what happens exactly with the ‘version’ and ‘message’?

I always commit before publishing, makes more sense to me to ‘save my progress’ and then go on to publish.

The idea of the publish manager is to do all on one place instead of:

  1. Switch to a target
  2. Open Git Manager, commit to git
  3. Deploy files
  4. Open Database Manager, deploy changes to the database.

All of this is now possible directly in the database manager, so there is no need to commit before using the publish manager.
If you already committed your changes to git, then you won’t see any changes to commit in the publish manager …