Pulling my hair out with tagify multi-reference filtering

Hey everyone, I have been pushing myself to learn multi-reference using tagify lately and I have just been pounding my head against the wall even with the multitude of tutorials that exist for this, they always fail to show how to actually use a multi-reference query to a filter on a page to actually filter something out in a data view.

I am a visual learner, so seeing an API output over and over in the examples really does not help me out. I have created a tagify insert multi-reference that works correctly, and I can even add new tags in real-time on the insert form which is excellent, but I have not been able to get to the point of being able to use this data to filter out say blog posts for example.

Does anyone have an example I could look at? I would really appreciate it, this tagify thing is so intriguing with the multi-reference but coming from just using normal nested querys this is really difficult for me.

Hi, can you share an example of the data you store and explain what are you trying to filter and how?

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Yes absulutely, so I have a site that artists will be putting their art pieces into. When the “piece” is created, I have a multi-reference to “piececategories” where the tags are added to.

I have a select right now generated from the table piececategorys - subjects which includes the tags such as"Whales, birds, trees, etc"

I would love to be able to click a tagify field and have the users be able to add several tags if they would like to for more refined filtering in the same tagify style as when the artist uploads their new piece and adds their own tags(I was thinking of adding colors, sizing, etc that could be selected via dropdown in the tagify field) .

I am still no closer to figuring this out, I will try to explain myself better.

I have a tagify field I have populated by a multi reference db table, I want to be able to filter the circled cards with the tagify filter field based on the multi reference. :grinning:

Strangely I cannot find any documentation showing how to accomplish this and I am not super good with db’s when having to use arrays like with tagify.


To filter results of a query, using the values returned by the tagify input, then pass the value of the tagify in the filters in your database query step. Use the “IN” condition for this.

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Here’s a screenshot of a server connect I have multiple things filtered by array.


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Thanks I will give it a shot, appreciate it

Few hours of fiddling later and I have it working as I wanted :slight_smile: