Progressive Web App

May I know how to create a Progressive Web App in Wappler? Where can I find this feature?

Take a look at Bootstrap, Wappler allows for scaling of web apps to the device on which it is viewed so it not just limited to a particular device size, it can be 1 app fits all sizes

You can check you app on any device size via the design view by clicking the device icon


Hello @Frederick_Phua,
Please take a look at:

I am not referring to responsive web app. I mean PWA that uses service workers, is installable on the mobile device like a native app, has notification feature, etc.

Sorry Frederick, we get so many different skill levels on here and some really basic questions from newbies it is sometimes difficult to know the level at which to respond to such an open question

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Following on to this topic, I have been waiting to jump into the Wappler world until the PWA / Progressive Web App functionality was in place, but now really need to get going and get some experience. Is there any advice you can give on the best approach that might be the most flexible and convertible to a PWA once that is possible? Is it just best to build out a website with those assets, data connections & logic, with the thinking that the PWA will be somewhat of a Wappler wrapper (sorry) with the addition of service workers etc? Or, will it be so different that I should wait?
Thank you! Wappler looks great, even from the outside.

Ben just published a great video and boilerplate about how to use SPA and PWA in Wappler, you should check it out: