Progress bar not synced with upload

I have a form with a drop-zone file element. I created a progress bar via the tutorial and it works except it goes too fast. It is set to upload percent with the +’%’ added. but when uploading 2 - 5mb files the progress bar goes across in about 15 seconds and the images take about 1.5 minutes to upload. I tried a spinner on the button set to upload and it does the same thing. It ends before the upload is complete. Any ideas? I’ve tried all I can think of with no luck. Thanks!

Which tutorial are you referring to?
Does the same happen if you are using a normal file input?

Hi Teodor, I followed this one: Adding Progress Bar to Upload Form

I have not tried with a file upload, will try that and get back to you. It also seems like it is taking a long time for the files to upload.

I just tested locally with a Dropzone and progress bar. It works exactly as expected, showing the progress from the server connect.
Please provide a link where we can check what have you done on your page. If the spinner and progress go for 15 seconds, why do you think that:

This makes no sense. How did you evaluate that it takes 1.5mins for the files to be uploaded, if the server action tells you they are uploaded?

I put a spinner on the button and set it to run while state was executing. The only thing the action does is upload. The spinner stays active the entire 1.5 minutes. I also went to the server and literally watched the directory and the 2 files did not appear until the full 1.5 minutes was up and the spinner stopped. The progress bar fully executed in about 15 seconds.

Please provide a link to your page where we can check what’s going on.

Will do, I will need to replicate it on the public side, it is in a secure admin now, give me about an hour. I’ll let you know when it’s up. Thanks!

You can send me a private message with the login details, so i can log in and check.

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Here is one of the files I am using. I am messaging you the credentials.

Just sent

Here is a video showing what is happening
Upload with progress bar