Problems using server actions from another project

I am getting the same thing, @Johnny_Solberg, did you manage to resolve this ?

Try adding

<!--Security Policy-->
<meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="default-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' https://*/">

To the head area of your page. You may also have to add the full web url / path to some Actions, like below:

<!--Security Policy-->
<meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="default-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' https://www.DOMAIN.COM/dmxConnect/api/Access/AccessUserArea/AccessUserArea.php https://*/">

Domains separated by a space only, no commas.

You may also have to add or edit the following in your config.xml file

<access origin="https://DOMAIN.COM/dmxConnect/api/Access/LoginAccess.php"/>

Or you could just try with:

<access origin="https://*/*"/>
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Dave, the issue reported here is more related to the UI and the data picker, than what actually happens on the page in the browser.
@evolvedtraining is having an issue where nothing appears under the server action, when he tries to use/bind dynamic data on the page.

This should be working just fine, but probably there’s a problem - we will investigate this.

Could be the same issue that Electron had where by the definer was not set:

<dmx-serverconnect id="UserProfile" url="https://www.DOMAIN.COM/dmxConnect/api/Profiles/User/UserProfile.php"></dmx-serverconnect>


<dmx-serverconnect id="UserProfile" url="https://www.cDOMAIN.COM/dmxConnect/api/Profiles/User/UserProfile.php" site="PROJECTNAME"></dmx-serverconnect>
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I am going to test this tomorrow, when we are back in the office :slight_smile:

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Not sure if this helps or not:

Actions and Query that work fine on web app.

Cant bind anything.

In Electron I had to add this manually before I could select any Bindings. Think I messaged George about it last week… :wink:

You need to add the definer as outlined above.

Simply add the definer and the name of the Project that contains the remote Server Action, ie site=“PROJECTNAME” inside the link to the Server Action.

Better post such issues in the bugs section, where we keep better track of them.
Personal messages can really get lost easily.

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Mine has a tip for yours, on how to deal with such situations… She needs wine, lots of it!

Us blokes need coffee and cake, lots of it!


Your a superstar Dave !!! That worked. Now i just need to see about getting log in form to work. Basically want the app to log user in and bring up there data and allow them to enter training data to the remote server…

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No worries happy I could help! I have working mobile apps (with full user permissions, data, and a lot of other features) built with Wappler but they do need some tweaking to get them to work, such as below:

I still haven’t got around to finishing off my guides for mobile but the above pretty much summarises the missing steps. Big tip is to make use of the debugging options in both Android Studio and Wappler to pin-point possible issues. That is how I found the above.

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Bumbling around with this as no real experience in mobile apps etc. My computer science degree was over 22 years back in the dark ages. Now a High Performance coach and sports scientist and wishing i had paid attention to programming !!! My 14 years old really should be doing this as he can program in a few languages, but he refuses, think he is enjoying my tantrums and colourful glaswegian language !!!


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Can be frustrating when things don’t go to plan but there is a great community here and bugs are squashed quickly. Hmmm now when I read your replies I’ll inherently be hearing them in Scottish inside my soft southern head! :smiley:

Well huge thanks, binding and log in working, just need to pass userid and can make site into app.

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In your log in Action you can use the security provider ID to filter the user via a simple query.

That should see you on your way nicely Andrew.


The problem with using a server action from a different project and binding data on the page is now fixed in Wappler 2.4.3


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