Problems creating and retrieving data from database JSON array fields

How’s it going guys!
I need some help getting my data source for a dynamic slider right. (v4.2.1, NodeJs)

I tried creating a json ‘array’ field in my db to store an array of image links, but on saving the field, it reverts to a json object field. Manually changing the json data type after saving seems to work, but applying database changes says – ‘Nothing to do!’, and the field is still returned as an object in app connect.

Anyway, I saw something about jsonb on here, and figured I’d try it out.
Weirdly, changing my json field to jsonb array, resulted in a ‘json array’ (on both server and app connect).

But setting it as a source for my swiper still comes out blank. This is what the data looks like:

Anyone else notice/dealt with this?
Any help would be appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot.
@Teodor @George

Any help on this guys?
@Teodor @George

What I see on the screenshot is a json string, you need to parse that first to get an actual array. Which database do you use to store the json array?

Hey @patrick,
Thanks for the response.
It’s been driving me crazy.

I’m using SQLIte for development.
How do I go about that…Parsing?
Because what I did earlier was save the json array returned by an api straight to the DB, and it came out that way.

Thanks again Patrick.

It looks like it is stored as a string, not sure about the driver of sqlite supports json properly, normally it should then parse the string back to an object for you.

Add the following code in a script block or in a js file to your page.

dmx.Formatter('string', 'parseJSON', function(str) {
  return JSON.parse(str)

Then in your expression for the gallery use it like This will parse the json and return the actual array.

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Thanks a lot Patrick!
You rock man! It worked :slight_smile:

Yeah, the sqlite support probably needs more work.
Thanks again.

I’m confused.
Please see my live link here:

  1. so does the database field datatype in DBManager need to be JSON or JSONB ? or can it still be Text after Patrick’s function is in play?

  2. I have a MSSQL field that contains this data for filenames:

So you’re saying that this isn’t valid input for these components? If its not a single path, then it needs to be a JSON array?
So I tried using the function and swiper doesn’t display.
You can view the source to see the Parse function:

  1. I’m unclear how to get this to work with swiper. My code:

On the live page, you can see that if I replace this “array and function” with a single field that contains an image path, then the Swiper works with that image.
So either my function isn’t installed correctly or I don’t have the syntax correct, or my image pathing text is wrong in the database field.


Your function is probably right but it’s designed to parse a json string and return an array - this is several filenames, not just one.

The slider slides property will be this expression and the dynamic src for the image will just be $value

That way it will loop through the generated array and use each value for the src

hi and thx
Patrick said that what he saw in the vert 1st post was a JSON string. And the function would parse that and make a suitable array for Swiper (which Dorian indicates that it did). And I don’t think my data is functionally diff. than in that 1st post.
But I’m still not sure what you’re saying with the “$value” thing.

Move the expression that ends query.parseJSON() to the dmx-bind:slides and set the dmx-bind:src for the image to $value

<div is="dmx-swiper" id="swiper1" dmx-bind:slides="" centered-slides="true" auto-height="true">
    <div class="swiper-slide">
        <img dmx-bind:src="$value" width="200">

this causes console error:

If I remove that entire Swiper it runs with no error.