Problems accessing server connect data from content pages

OS info

  • Operating System : Windows 10.0.17763
  • Wappler Version : 2.9.1

Problem description

I have few serverconnects on index page, and also routes that are inside the condition region. When i try to access these serverconnects or variable of index from route page, i am not able to see anything in the popup window.

@nshkrsh FYI

Do you mean content pages? Or are these on the main page?

Yes from content page, i cannot see any serverconnect or variable that i have defined on main index page.

I just tested this locally and i can access all the values from the main page:

Probably there is some specific issue on the page. Can you attach a sreenshot or short video showing the problem?

This is route page.

These are route content, which i suppose to see their. Earlier 2 days back i was able to access it.

If u need remote access, i can give it too.

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try please

the code works @s.alpaslan but the action picker does not show the items from index page on the route page.

figured out the reason: if we have the route inside of a conditional region on index page, then for that route page, we cannot see index components in action picker.

hope this can be fixed since we know the exact reason now @Teodor @George

btw, we put a route inside of a conditional region because we have setup a dynamic role based access control system.

ping! did you get this @George @Teodor?


Does this relate also to Node templating?

E.g. I put a server connect for user data on a layout page, but I can’t access that data from the data picker on the content page - so this results in needing two identical server connects one on the layout, and one on the content page. (because I show user data on the layout nav bar - such as avatar) but also need to then call data on the content page.

If we can access layout serverconnect data on content pages that would be excellent.