Problem with cross server connection Server Connect server-side API

I’m trying to connect to my Server Connect API quite a while now and I need some help.

My setup:

Server Connect API on local Intranet (IIS/PHP):

For testing purpose the API only sets a value, nothing else

You can test it by clicking on the link directly or by using

Using this API from my Apache Webserver ( on the server side gives me a Connection refused Error and I can’t find out why. Testing it on my Mamp or Docker installation it works.

Here is a screenshot of the server-side configuration:

If I use my test API from the client-side it does work.

What am I missing?

I have two additional links

server-side API:
client-side API:

Could it be a problem because I use port 10445?

Failed to connect to port 10445: Connection refused

check your port configuration

Thanks for trying.

What link did you use? Did you try the following?

That one returns an auth string

that’s correct.

did you open 10445 port on your modem… ??

Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t get a connection to and (client-side API)

these links are working. what is the problem ?

I know. I posted the links to show that the API should work.

My problem is, that I need to use it in a Wappler Server API Action (see my configuration in my first post)

The following link uses the exact same API but from a server connect action:

you still cannot accept requests from outside. port is not configured properly. You forwarded port 80 but 10445 no

I will check this again. Thank you!

You can close this topic.
As I can’t find a solution to change the port configuration I will try another solution.
Thank you!