Potentially a bug in Parallel module (NodeJS) for a server connect (api)

Hi all,

I’m using a Parallel, and as I understand it, it runs each step/flow in parallel with each other. So if I have two API calls listed inside the Parallel it’ll run them both at the same time - which is great for some optimisation.

However, when I then try to pick some of the data from the Parallel I feel something is wrong here.

Using the data picker I get an output like this:


but this returns no data.

If I change the paths to:


Then I get the data.

So, the bug might be that the data picker is incorrectly picking the path, or that the parallel is outputting incorrectly.

I have it working - but want to make sure this isn’t a bug and that it gets fixed later, breaking the api.

Can anyone confirm?

Hi mgaussie,

It seems the Parallel group has been given a name parallel. If you leave the name empty, the values will be accessible as api1.data.value and ap2.data.value in the data picker.

Update @George (as I see you are tagged):

With the only way to get data being to add the index number e.g. parallel[0] or parallel[1]. I manually write this in, so that I can then add some conditions. When I try to add some conditions/formats to the dynamic binding in the Server Data bindings window here:

When I click the wand, I get this error:

If I pick at normal, and it displays without the index number then the formatter works fine, but there is no data in the output so have to manually add the index.

Thanks @guptast for testing this out - I do think though that something is wrong here as we should be able to name the parallel, or it should work as expected named or not named.