Pointer needed on how to add a single anchor image that opens multiple images in lightbox

I want to achieve something similar to airbnb where you click on sigle button and it opens up mutiple image in lightbox.

So the basics is easy, just add more anchor tags in same group with href to the images I want to include, but where do I “hide” these on the page? I want to use image links from the db to achive this obviously :slight_smile:

Can you post an example of a website that does what you are trying to do?

Click on view photos button on left

I used to do this a lot with the old Lightbox extension for Dreamweaver. Add through the DMX interface and then delete the thumbnails, but keep the image links. Then just kept the first thumbnail to open the group.

Just do the same and hide the thumbnails you don’t want to show using the display property:

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