Playing around with PWA


This is exciting stuff. Have a look at this short video using this website

If there is enough interest in the subject, I will create a tutorial based on this repository


I would certainly be interested. (I was under the impression that it wasn’t possible to create PWAs yet.)

What is a “PWA”? :thinking:

Progressive web app

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I’m another one who would be very interested in this, I’m currently looking into what platforms are supported…

Please have a look at

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Thanks for that Ben, I’ve just finished it and it was very helpful.

I’d love to see Wappler providing more capability for this, I see it as an important development. We ran our own IOS app for a few years and it was horrendously complex and clunky to use, not nearly as good as our online browser based services. PWA represents almost ideal conditions for our type of deployment.