Plans for Express sessions store

I use Docker/AWS and an external to Docker DB - am I reading the above right that the new red is cache feature will not work with this setup?

If you use Wappler’s docker deployment Redis cache should work without problems.


I don’t think I am qualified to weigh in on this, but with the recent HTML to PDF module I created, I found that the Puppeteer package cannot work on my shared hosting. So, a solution that does not require any specific packages to be present on the host, would be best.

Puppeteer is quite memory intensive that is why you probably can’t use it in a shared environment.

It makes it easy to export to pdf but it is a headless browser after all.

Nothing to do with the packages you use for session stores.

In my case, memory was not the issue. The shared hosting environment was missing packages which my hosting provider said they can’t install at this time.

I am not sure I follow. What I was trying to say is whatever approach is taken for session store, just check if it can be run on a shared hosting environment.

That would depend on the provider I guess. Not something Wappler team can anticipate by testing the myriad of shared hosting providers out there.

Did they give you a more detailed answer about why they couldn’t/wouldn’t install the package?

No… They definitely can’t do that. But they can just check on 1 or 2 of them. From my experience, most providers have a similar set of restrictions for shared hosting.

No. I didnt think to ask either. They advised to use a VPS. It could be for memory reasons like you say.

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Hello, are you using an external database for session storage? If so, could you give us any pointers on hoy to accomplish this?

(I know that Redis can be enabled with Docker, but I would like to explore this idea).



You need to use this package:

And overwrite some of the session functionality in the core files. The examples provided by the author are pretty straightforward.

Although I already saw partial code regarding knex session store. Wappler has been working on it but it’s not complete yet. You might want to wait and/or ask them.

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Awesome! thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

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This has been added to Wappler 4.9.0

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