PHP vs NodeJS

I am new to wappler and have been persisting with NodeJS as I hear there are advantages to it such as speed, and reusable components however I’m beginning to feel that it is not stable enough and relatively unsupported.

  • database connections seem harder and not documented (from what I can see)
  • layouts and partials not really working (again from what I can see)
  • can’t delete a database connection from the wappler UI after realising that it needs a server connection rather than a direct connection (I think this is a wappler bug actually)
  • email service not working in NodeJS
  • most of the documentation/tutorials assume that you are setting up PHP not NodeJS and you follow them only to discover that you need to do it a different way with NodeJS.

I feel like we’re dealing with

  1. Wappler v3 being very new and a few idiosyncrasies (which is undertsandable)
  2. Some of the basics such as setting up remote servers not being easy and having to find documentation
  3. NodeJS being a relatively immature stage of development

Combining all these factors makes it much harder.

So, my question is: Is it worth persisting with NodeJS or would it be fewer headaches with the old classic PHP?

(Given that we are developing e-commerce sites with tens of thousands of users and huge databases that we need to migrate across)

Would love to get some insights/advice before going much further.


Can’t delete or add server connections, only direct connections work

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 12.17.55 pm

For me, the answer is yes, to both.

Which is to say, I have every confidence that any issues with node will be quickly resolved if we continue to file quality bug reports. Through the headaches, I think you’ll be in a better place long term.

I had this issue and they can be removed from a couple of different config files in the Wappler folders which properly deletes them. And yes I believe it’s a bug that the can’t be deleted in the ui

I can let you know which ones if you’re interested.

yes please Philip!

No worries.

I did this myself, and it worked… but proceed at your own risk :slight_smile:

So i found the DBs listed in two separate locations, one in the below app folder:

And the other is in the hidden wappler folder (right click and ‘view hidden files’ These ones are per target so there is a folder and and multiple database folders under each target:


I believe i had to remove them from both in order for them to be properly deleted.

Just check the docs about the Database Manager.

It is also all in the NodeJS docs:

You actually need both a direct connection for Wappler self and a Server Connect database connection for Server connect to access your database from the web server.

It should be working just fine - if it doesn’t work to you post a bug report but usually it is about the settings.

Wappler UI makes it all the same, so it doesn’t really matter if you are using PHP or NodeJS - the usage workflow is pretty much the same.

For your choice between PHP or NodeJS, see: