Pause new features and fix bugs/issues please!

For my 2 cents, I certainly love the new features like everyone else, I haven’t had a chance to test out some of the good ones this week due to other priorities.

I have notice at the moment though there do appear to be a growing number of bugs, some that I’ve logged such as issues with table sorting, that aren’t flagged to be fixed and could be over a month old. Similar to the OP. I feel some bug focus in the short term would be good.

Not complaining, but it would be my preference.

Well business 101 is that it takes 10 times more effort to attract a new client than keeping a current one.

But new features are not just to attract new clients. They also hear the current client base. i.e. S3 connectors and google places.

I personally don’t think that viral growth is a priority for Wappler at the moment. It is clear they want organic and manageable growth. And that is a good thing for everybody.

Nonetheless, a bug pass would be nice indeed for the sake of current clients. But not my preference at all as I usually work around them until they provide a final fix.


I agree. It remains to be seen what will happen if the community is left without new features for a month. And will only receive bug fixes. What then will appear in the posts? :smile:

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Well we did get a taste of it when the team was on holiday. It did feel good to start getting those updates when they got back…we all like shiny new things :grin:


I completely agree that innovation drives new customers in, which in-turn provides greater resources. I also love Thursdays, looking out for what is new. I would just like to see something like one week out of each month primarily focussed on bug fixing. This would still leave ¾ of the updates to accommodate new stuff. Don’t forget that recommendation from existing users is also very valuable to attract new business. If a bug is being reported, it is because the user is actually using something that isn’t working as intended. Often, that user is also giving up their time to the community to support other users (often saving the Wappler team from having to step in).


Eu entendo perfeitamente @bpj
I was working with Amazon resources marveling at them and suddenly it stopped working

I really think they should stabilize everything that we already have
are amazing features and just need to be stable

I’m seeing lots of green ‘fixed in next update’ tags today. Well done Wappler team :clap:

Although I usually wait a couple of days after the release of a new version to install, I think you are doing a very good job of keeping a fine balance between new features and bug fixes.

There are sometimes some very persistent users in the forum requesting features, we must all learn to be patient as they will be added in time.


Maybe we should just start adding new features every 6 months, like some other (huge)companies do :grinning:

I’m joking of course!


As long as you don’t follow another company we won’t name here and get rounds of VC funding, I’ll still be happy :wink:


Not funny! Don’t even joke about that! :wink:


Every user has their own agenda and needs. Some new features are critical to their project being able to go live, and others that feature is not relevant at all. Similarly to bug fixes - so perhaps those that are more vocal, just feel the pinch a little bit more on a certain feature that is holding a project up.

It’s likely very challenging for the Wappler team to constantly prioritise week-in week-out.

Perhaps a happy medium could be alternating weeks with a slight lean on priorities being either new features or stabilisation/bug fixing. That way those waiting for a number of bug fixes can be optimistic about them coming within a 2 week window at the latest (and no doubt some would get fixed anyway during the new feature release, like they currently do), and those waiting for new features the same.

That being said, I think the team is doing an incredibly job even if nothing changes.


I never upgrade on a Thursday evening… I only upgrade when I see features I need and low numbers of bugs reported.

I have only one app, which will go live soon. If I release my app with bugs, my client’s businesses will stop functioning.

So I need stability stability stability.

I understand why Wappler wants to grow the product and I respect that. And I know Wappler will release with more bugs than large companies do.

So soon, I will only upgrade Wappler every 6 months when I have the time to thoroughly test my product with a new Wappler version.

I like the idea of a monthly “stability” release as mentioned here, and as I have suggested before on the forum.

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There is no bug affecting the basic features. When it occurs, an emergency update is already done. Since using older versions will reduce the number of testers, it will result in bad results for Wappler and there will be more bugs in future versions.

It is better to wait 1 week than 6 months.


Indeed. Makes no sense to wait for 6 months. Core functionality is barely affected by bugs. Most bugs affect only Wappler UI and there are usually workarounds for that. Sometimes there are not and that is a bummer.

In my huge organization, and by huge I mean top right Gartner quadrant where we deal with other huge companies, we have very strict SLAs. Strict as in if we miss we have to pay huge penalties. If there is a workaround the priority will never be more than 3 out of 5. That means that a bug with workaround could spend months in the cooler before anyone looks at it thoroughly. We do have to provide a valid workaround of course.

I think people need to calm their upper torso and understand that there are 1000 different agendas. 1001 if we count Wappler’s agenda :slight_smile:

Not by being more vocal in the forum a topic should be dealt with before. Although I wouldn’t blame Wappler team if they increased priority just to stop hearing someone. We have all done that. Doesn’t make it right though and people more often than not should zip it a bit.

Unless of course people want to deal with a dedicated custom support team instead of the guys that build the product. This happened to Bubble years ago. You could easily speak with Josh and Emmanuel in the forum but with growth and pains in the assess always bumping their own agenda they eventually left the forum and now you speak with interns and people that don’t know the product as well as they do.

So think twice before crying. Short term you might get what you want but long term you are hindering all of us including yourselves.

That doesn’t mean that attention shouldn’t be brought to topics that might have slipped though the cracks. We all forget things.

Just balance it and don’t push your agendas on top of others just because you are more vocal.



And we frequently see zip files posted containing a fix if it’s needed before the Thursday update.

I can’t state highly enough what a joy it is to have direct contact with the developers of the software so issues are understood and dealt with quickly or solutions/workarounds are suggested. And everyone else in this forum, of course.


I think all of us agree that the Wappler team do an incredible job :clap:

All I wanted to address is the balance, albeit delicate, between new features and dealing with bug reports. I, like @jonl and @sitestreet , am SOOOOOO pleased to see the team on this forum and am happy to try to help, where my time/ability allows, fill the role left by not having a dedicated support team. I wouldn’t want this model to change. What I think would improve the experience for existing users, like me, is a periodic ‘clean-up’ of outstanding issues - maybe each last Thursday of the month. We are talking maybe one week in four where no major new features are released and these issues take center stage. This wouldn’t stop shiny, new functions being added to the product the rest of the time.

IMHO periodic stability focus would actually help innovation. The core would become more stable to build upon but crucially, ¾ of the time the team could focus on product development (and urgent fixes) rather than juggling it with smaller bugs.

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We must never forget that Wappler is not just a software tool, it is a framework of code that sits in our design too.

What if I’m not using just the “basic features?”

What about the time taken to find out why the bug in my app is happening?

What about my client’s businesses that have stopped as a result?

What about my business’s reputation and my own stress?

I won’t be waiting for patched zip files and Friday updates.

I will be following my own reliability path for my business.

Of course, I still love Wappler and I am sure I always will. I just need a methodology that works for me.

Thank you for the debate! :slight_smile:

What if I’m just "not using the basic features?
If you can give me an example of the basic features that have not worked so far, I can answer more clearly.

What will it take to find out why the error with my app is occurring?
The bug finding process is the same in all software and you know that wappler does not update 1 or 2 times a year like dreamweaver. (Every Thursday and urgent updates are made on the same day.)

As a result, what will happen to the businesses my client stops?
This is all about your contract with your customer. We work in the same way. We sign the contract by calculating these situations.

What about the reputation of the job and my stress?
Don’t the updates every Thursday make you happy?

I will follow my own path of credibility for my business!

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Antony, you sound like Wappler is breaking your whole site with every update :grinning:

@s.alpaslan, I am happy you have a different point of view! :slight_smile: