NodeJS: File Download not working - returns empty query

Hey All,

I have a simple file download i’m trying to to get working in my NodeJS project but either i’m missing something, or its not working as it should be.

I’ve got a CSV file sitting in my folder in my project (public/exports/export_users.csv)
I have a new server connect file which just has the File Download step as per the instructions in the docs.
I’ve created a route and connected it to a anchor button in app connect.
All that happens is it opens up a new page to the server connect query, which is a blank page with

I’ve also tried this in a number of different ways. I.e. not using routes, but adding a server connect in my app and loading it on click (does nothing)

Tried the path without the public at the start, but it says ‘path not found’

Am i missing something?

I had this function working in a previous PHP project a while ago.

I tested it and can confirm that the file download doesn’t work in nodeJS. We will have it fixed in the upcoming update.