No Security Provider Identity available in Server Data Bindings

Wappler Version :2.6.5
Operating System :Windows 10

Expected behavior

Security provider added as a step in server action enables the user identity to be selected as a value binding under Execute,Steps,Security Provider, Identity

Actual behavior

execute, steps and security provider does not show, only an output box

How to reproduce

create an action, add database, add security provider, add database insert, query builder, select a value and try to select security provider> indentity

Hello, we are going to check the issue with the data picker not showing the identity.
What if you manually enter {{work_sp.identity}} ?

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yes, that works

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Found the problem. It is indeed only when the security provider is linked to file.

Will be fixed in the next update

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Hi, i have the same problem; when will be this fixed?

Have you checked George’s reply?

I did George’s reply but i need a solution now; i unlinked the security provider but it doesn’t work anymore…
message: Argument 2 passed to lib\db\SqlBuilder::__construct() must be an instance of lib\db\Connection, instance of lib\auth\Provider given, called in C:\xampp\htdocs\\dmxConnectLib\modules\dbconnector.php on line 54 and defined

That’s a totally unrealted issue and has nothing to do with the step missing in the UI.

Please report your issue with detailed step by step explanation in a separate topic.

This has been fixed in Wappler 2.7.0