Newsletter template on Wappler

Hey guys.
I’m trying to make a newsletter template on Wappler.
But when sending the email, the images do not appear in the body of the email and the layout is completely broken.
Should I create the newsletter in the summernote editor, since it is saved as a TABLE and not as a DIV, or can I create the newsletter as if it were a normal page in Wappler?
Is there any technique/tutorial that shows how to set up a newsletter on Wappler?
I need a tip

Remember classes won’t exist for CSS unless you include them inline so if you are using Bootstrap in your template it won’t have any formatting. Likewise with images you’ll need to use the full path including the URL itself.

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Have a look at


thanks @ben . I’m going to combine the tip that @Cheese mentioned plus bootstrapmail.

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Hi, i use, it has some solid prebuilt templates to start with. The graphic editor is pretty smooth too. Also u can export the html and use it in Wappler.