New Features in 4.0?

I know 4.0 is based on a new engine which is super fast (yay!) but are there any other new features? I couldn’t see a list anywhere.

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It doesn’t look like it but it was a big change and it’s still only in beta 1 so I wouldn’t expect anything extra with this update.

The feature set is indeed exactly the same as in Wappler 3.9.6

Changing the core to Electron was already a huge undertaking and we aren’t done yet.
When it is fully complete and everything runs smoothly, we will start adding some new stuff.


Bearing in mind that the release was a fundamental shift of the entire core, I’m simply amazed how few issues have been reported so far. It just goes to show how good you and the team are! :clap:


I will probably wait for a couple more beta cycles before I jump on that bandwagon. To nervous about using it on live projects.

Excited to see it in action though.

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As it installs separately, you could have a play on some local test projects as a taster.

I’m trying it as the API side of an App project open at the same time - saving hours of going back and forth between projects…

(yes I know it’s not recommended to have both open but it’s working ok so far)

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Oh to have two instances running simultaneously… JOY!


Although I must confess I have not installed 4.0 just yet…

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When we stabilize the Electron core, we might get into some Electron goodness and allow to have multiple Wappler main windows open :slight_smile:

So you can open different projects simultaneously, each on its own window.


Having worked on a mobile app now I can see that as being a welcome feature if you can do it.

After going backwards and forwards between Projects around a hundred times so far today its really desperate to have this ability. Also we really need to default to Server Actions and not App Flows as this is adding another hundred clicks! All in all quite a lot of wasted time going on. Not to complain as using Wappler is saving time too!


For now, can you not turn off experimental mode? Or is it a full feature in 4.0 beta?

Its due to Project switching Antony. If you’re within the same Project it remembers your last focus but if you switch Projects it defaults to the flows which are for the most part, for the majority, secondary to Server Actions. Besides I don’t want to turn off experimental features.

Cheers for the suggestion though!

Dave, can you please post any issue you find in Wappler 4 beta versions in separate bug report topics so that we can follow and fix them before the official release?