MySql limit 1000

I have selected server model as PHP and selected ‘MySQL’ as Server Connect database. Then in file : " …\dmxConnect\modules\Connections\connection1.php " I find the line : “limit” : 1000, can anybody tell me what exactly is this ? is it going to limit number of rows in my select query?

Simple answer NO

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And If you need to limit the number of the records returned, use the paged query option.
It allows you to set a limit.

@Teodor Would I assume correctly that this limits the number of information_schema elements retrieved by the connection?

Hi @genx, welcome to the Wappler community !

I believe, but I could be wrong, that the limit of 1,000 records is a default setting. I can not think of a situation where you would need to pull more than 1,000 records at one time.

As Teodor mentioned, use the paged query option to limit the number of records returned. Just keep in mind that the more records you return at once, the higher the demand on the server and the longer it could take for the page to load.

I have pulled literally 10s of thousands of records within a standard query, audit trails etc. It definitely does not limit the number of records returned, as I said above i suspect it may limit the information_schema entries retrieved (unlikely to ever be exceeded)

As an aside, i strongly recommend you DO NOT poke around or change Wapplers internal framework files unless you know exactly what you are doing. One small change could kill your site

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Thank you all for your replies. No problem if it is related to information_schema.

The limit 1000 is an old setting in the server connect connections. We don’t use it any more.
But true - we shouldn’t generate it.