Multiple repeat regions w/different sorting options on one page

At first, I looked for sorting options within the repeat regions expression’s app connect formatting since I would think that it would be most efficient to create a single server connect and single app connect and control sorting at the repeat region level but I didn’t see sorting options. Am I missing something obvious?

I was able to get the following solution to work, but I’m not sure it is optimal:
I setup two server connect actions with one sorting randomly and another sorting by time created. Also, I created two app connects for each. Each repeat region calls it’s app connect via the expression repeat properties with the correct data binded to paragraph inputs. It works, but it runs two server queries that are nearly identical except for the sort. Seems kind of redundant.

Also, I did notice that it’s possible to control sorting at the component level when it’s a table per but I don’t I see an option for a repeat region w/o table.

I do not quite understand the problem (in detail), I only get the gist of it.

Please have a look at Filtering Database Query with Multiple Checkboxes and see if that helps

If not, then have a look at using one Server Connect and multiple Data Views

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It’s true, to a point. You should be able tot use a drop down with ASC and DESC as values and do your sorting dynamically by selecting the sort order from a Select element.

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The problem is that I don’t use a drop down. The items in the repeat region are displayed in descending order on page load and I don’t give an option for the user to change the order.