Multiple Bootstrap 4 Tables


I would like to insert two tables in one page using the Bootstrap 4 Table Generator component, but every time it overwrites the first created table.

Can you help me, please?

Thank you.

This seems to be a bug.

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This is not good. In my dashboard I have as many as 14 tables on one page. It was working fine. What happened? :frowning:

I just tested this and added 3 tables on one page without any issue.
Can you provide a step by step explanation of what do you do exactly or attach a short video showing the problem on your page?

@Teodor, did you add multiple tables using the Bootstrap 4 Table Generator component?

I cannot do this because after creating a table and trying to create a new one, the Bootstrap 4 Table Generator form shows me the same information of the previous table. If I use a new Populate data and I click on OK, it overwrites the previous table.

Please make a short video of what happens on your page so we can see what are you doing.

When I try creating a new table on my page, using the table generator it does create the new table and doesn’t affect the existing ones on the page.