Mobile element design

Hello Guys,
while creating mobile app, I added a picture through link (picture is located in my computer).however am not seeing picture and pic area shifted in left side automatically. screenshot here-

and in same screen, I entered a button however I am not seeing any property related to button style and alignment…so How can I stylized mobile elements.

Regards, AK

I would personally add the images into the assets folder as for the button select it under app structure on the right properties will show up below

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Got your point.thank you…yes…photo is showing now however there is also alignment issue…where I could see right app structure guidelines.thank you…AK

It’s not working for mobile app via framework7…I belive may be I am structuring my app wrong.

Mobile Apps The docs are linked to this post

Hello @Teodor @Dave,

Can you share your view over about mobile element design? is the issue with app structure or I am missing something else?


I’ve never used FW7 unfortunately @A_K

I’d start simple with a Bootstrap page until you get the fundamentals dialed in. FW7 has its own ways of doing things…