Mobile App Development with Wappler?

Before we purchase Wappler it’s important it is at a state where we can develop our Mobile Apps without hindrance. What I mean by that is we require the ability to implement security (log-in etc), have the ability for CRUD actions, and deploy to our chosen platform.

Is there a time frame or release schedule for when Wappler will contain the necessary functionality for Mobile App development featuring the above requirements?

Appreciate your response as always.


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Hi Dave,

The mobile apps building tools will be available in the next week or two. So if you only need those I suggest you wait a bit till they become fully available.


Thanks for the prompt reply George!
It’s not that these are the only tools we require. And I fully understand it’s a work in progress, and a great work in progress. It’s that our team will be like a kid with a Lego set with missing pieces, or a puzzle missing the last piece. We are happy to wait as we know your team get things done, and done well. We could start work on the design phases, UX, UI, CSS, Menus, etc, in the meantime though…

So therefore we may well purchase sooner rather than later so we can get up to speed with Wapplers functionality and interface. To be honest I’ve held back from diving in to deep as I’d have frustrated myself trying to run before I could walk (so to speak).

Thanks again George.


Thanks Dave! We do our best!

And indeed it is good to familiarize yourself with Wappler and specially its way of making dynamic reactive apps with its built-in Front-End framework App Connect as this will be also the main power horse in the mobile development as well.

In the web development we are using usually Bootstrap 4 - which is already nicely integrated in Wappler together with App Connect and for Server side API’s we use Server Connect.

For the mobile development we have another design framework integrated called Framework 7. You can check it out at:

We already have the older version 1 in place but are now working to integrate v2 as well the Cordova building tools.

To familzie yourself further with Wappler I would also suggest to preview our docs:

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Thanks again George.
I’m a great fan of App Connect since its introduction as a replacement for Data Bindings, also familiar with Framework 7 and Cordova. Just wanted to catch up with their implementation in to Wappler. Am going to have a good read through the documentation though. More than once poor Teodor has helped me resolve issues that I neglected to educate myself about over on DMX Zone. I now have RTFM tattooed on my forearm and knuckles.


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