Merge Cell Data

Can anyone explain how to merge cell data from a query. Example combine the first name and last name into 1 cell or combine street, city, state and zip into 1 cell when the query is displayed on the page. It was real easy in dream weaver but i can’t figure it out in Wappler.

You can do this in app connect when displaying the data, just use the data formatter => concatenate to on the fields (include concat a space between if needed)

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Thank you very much, so much to learn about this great product!

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One last question, the space, how do do I add the space within concat?

Just stack the concatenations like this


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Perfect, thanks again!!

I have been doing quite a bit of this recently and found a slightly different way to add the space. I have found the following simpler and easier to read by using a plus sign “+” which reduces the number of concate steps.

dmx-text="title.concat(' ' + (forename.concat(' ' + (midname.concat(' ' + surname)))))"

Do you need ‘concat’ at all? Couldn’t the expression simply be:
dmx-text="title + ' ' + forename + ' ' + midname+ ' ' + surname"


:clown_face: :crazy_face: Doh!
Why oh why didn’t I just think that! The simple things.

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