Making a "sliding"/ "hidden" navbar in Bootstrap (w appconect)

So I have been trying to make a navbar in my project (bootstrap) , that I can’t quite get to work properly. I’m trying to accomplish something like this (note that this video is from the framework 7 example project)

So far all I have is this

Any help/ advice on how to go about doing this would be greatly appreciated, as I can’t find anything on how to do it (or I may have overlooked it). Thank you in advance!

This might help …

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@brad Thank you! That helped quite a bit, but it only answered half of it. How do I make the navbar into a “sliding menu” (Only appear on the side when a user hits the button)?

Hmmm, maybe the tutorial in this link will get you closer.

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I’ve used the template in the thread @brad linked to - it worked well. However I would also recommend looking at this thread.

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That’s the thread I was looking for!

Thank you both so much!!!