Mac Wappler Update Notification

Good day!

I have completed a clean install on a MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina several times. Now the application runs as it should without any noticeable hitches. However, each time there’s an update to the software, the top menubar Wappler icon ‘Check for updates…’ no longer works as it did before.

Any suggestions regarding what I could do locally that will resolve the auto-check for updates notification?

Thank you so very much!

hmm do you mean it doesn’t work at all? Or you don’t get the notification?

What is your exact Mac OS version btw?

macOS 10.15.1 (19B88)

George at this time it no longer operates, i.e., either the auto notice or when clicked.

Recording-4-encoded.mp4 (8.3 MB)

George, I installed Wappler on my iMac and there’s no problem with any of the notification or download alerts. I believe it is my MacBook… thanks however for listening to my concerns. I believe the upgrade to Catalina must have blundered something.

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Just when I thought it was fixed… this error popped up.

After I closed the notice and restarted Wappler and check it again, and the notification said I was already using the latest version.

Hope this helps.

So it’s not Catalina related? As we are receiving more reports about the notifications now working with Catalina

Good catch about the notification settings!

On the clean install of Catalina on the iMac everything Wappler works fine. The issues seem to be on the MacBook Pro where the OS is an upgrade of Catalina. This is the only difference that I can narrow it down between the two.

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The first screenshot is to check for updates.

The second screenshot is after it was downloaded and installed, afterward displayed the error message that the install failed.

The third screenshot is after the restart, it appeared that the app was refreshed. When I checked the update again, the notice displayed the update installation was successful.