"Locale" data files error after uninstall

Hi. How do we stop the “Unable to find locale data files. Please reinstall.” error appearing after having uninstalled Wappler?

Screenshot attached.

Thank you.

That error message is normally associated with google chrome try reinstalling chrome

Why is the Wappler logo/icon active then, when that error occurs (see screenshot)? I’ve already reinstalled Chrome.

I believe Wappler uses the chrome engine to render elements

@NJWEBDESIGN did you get any other responses on this elsewhere? I’m having the same issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled Wappler then uninstalled again and that did nothing, same error over and over again.

Could you verify that Wappler is really uninstalled?

How did you uninstall it?

Also when do you get this error exactly?

Not sure if this has been fixed but same error on my end. Happens every time I restart my computer and I used the uninstall option with Wappler

You can remove it completely as stated in: