Little help with splitting up my php page

tried this?

i did, if you look top left of screen shot, its on

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2 more tests:

  1. Save everything and quit wappler from the tray icon and restart

  2. Make a copy of your Header-Admin.php to your root (where dashboard-admin.php is located)
    Then add a new ssi in your page and assign this copied file from your root

ok, the restart did nothing.

but, moving the include file into the parent directory, and, in the ssi file changing the path by removing the ../ made the dynamic picker work.

also, if, when the ssi was in the ssi folder, and, in the ssi file i click the folder icon to select the parent it changes path from ../dashboard-admin to /storage/dashboard-admin, which is correct, both are correct, BUT, when it changes it to that path it is impossible to save the file, it just will not save, so that is some other odd bug

@JamesJenkins , I’ll be curious to see if you manage to find a solution. I never did.

My design is so big that the data picker wasn’t really useful any more anyway, so I just learned the syntax and I copy/paste/type the code.

I think most of the time it is faster for a complex design, and helps you to really understand what is happening!