Join between 2 tables of 2 different databases

With Wappler, is it possible to join 2 tables from 2 different DB? The DB are on the same server.

Yes you can simply add the second database as another database connection and select it in your Server Actions. This allows you to connect as many databases on as many hosts as you wish.

But, for a query we can select only one database connection

after executing the two queries separately, you can create a new output object by looping trough the records of the one query and adding the data of the second one.

So actually you are making your own join.

Check this.

Carry the identifying variable across in a post, cookie, or session, for example. Add your second DB Connection and set up your second DB query and action below the initial query to the first DB, then use the variable to filter the second DB query as you did the first but using the second DBs connection and the same filter variable passed earlier…

Thx, I will check and revert

Now that’s possible:

That’s already possible using the Server Connect Array List component:

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