Issues with F7 and (Side-) Panels

Playing around with F7 and with the available elements. Tried to add a side panel / menu, but it seems not to work.

When I add the Panel via the App Structure, the component adds a div at the end of the paragraph which obv breaks the app on save as this additional div closes the app-div and the rest of the page is not visible:
(CleanShot 2023-01-22 at 13.34.12

Removing the div after the paragraph helps, I can toggle panel, but the visual editor is not available. Is this the expected behavior? (Seems to work with the ktichensink example)

Also, the background is not darkened, even if chec/uncheck the setting:

Does look like a bug in the css shipped with F7. Tried some other examples and also the kitchensink, same effect - no effect.

With custom styles / themes it seems to work: