Issue with setting value in Server connect to field value

Not sure if my brain has gone to mush from too much sun or i have found a problem here.
Made a start on a password reset routine as promised.

I am trying to do something very simple (i think), set a server connect value to the contents of a field returned by a query
Can anyone assist please
Video attached.
queryissue.mp4 (3.1 MB)

Try the following, making sure that the Output for the query is not selected.

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Yes, the solution is what Ben suggest - a repeat step, which repeats the query and the setvalue step inside it.
This way you will be able to access query values.

Thanks @ben and @Teodor , that solved it. I confess i would never of thought the answer was use a repeat for a query which returns only 1 row but i know for future reference

It doesn’t matter if there is a single or multiple records returned.
Whatever action requires to read the value(s) from a query - it always require a repeat. It is the same for setvalue or any other action step which should be using the value(s).

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Thanks @Teodor, I am sure that will save me a lot of pain in the future :grinning:

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