Issue reverting to 2.9.1 from beta 3.0 RC2

I thought I had seen a similar problem to this on 3.0 RC1 reported but I can’t find the post so apologies if duplicate.

I am trying to revert back to 2.9.1 from beta 3.0 RC2 but when I do Install 2.9.1 the App Structure panel will not load components and just displays the loading spinner, I cannot select any of the Add Component, Framework actions whilst in this state.

Creating a new project in 2.9.1 does not fix it, both existing and new projects show the issue. No errors shown in Terminal and system check reports all okay, experimental is turned off.
I have uninstalled beta, rebooted and installed 2.9.1 and has made no difference
Installing beta 3.0 RC2 again fixes it and everything works again but need to use on production site so need 2.9.1

Any ideas ?

Thanks, Paul

All the production ready code is already in 3.0.0 rc2

There are some minor UI glitches that we are fixing quickly.

It is good to stay on 3.0 rc and report any problems we encounter as the final will be released on Thursday 25th of June and they it will replace the last v2 version so you won’t be able to go back.

The advice given on here is that you can switch between stable and pre-release versions and to not use pre-release on production sites.

I need to make changes to a live site and having used 3.0 RC2 today and encountered issues that have been reported my concern is that using this on a live site may break areas that I may not be aware of and I don’t not want to test everything again.

I will manually edit for now but if a pre-release prevents the ability to revert to stable then the risk should be made clear and not advertised as “you can switch as you wish”

I am in the same boat and while in principle I agree with you, my experience with the Wappler team over the past 3 years (about 20 years if you count DMXzone) has been more than satisfactory.

Like you, the site that I am working on requires work-arounds because of the glitches. I can live with that for the moment because I know for a fact that a resolve is just around the corner.

Apologies for butting in.

If you really want to go back to v2 you will have to do a clean install

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