Insert into Data Store - No options

HI All,

I’m trying to insert some value in my data store on “app load” dynamic event. But have no data picker or static options for the kind of data to insert into? What could be the issue?

Have you defined the schema of your data store component first?

Yes George, I have added the schema. Earlier I had a messy schema. Array inside an object inside an array… Realised I didn’t need that. So made it simpler. Looks like this below:

Two things I’d like to understand:

#1. After cleaning my datastore schema, I’m able insert data into it on dmx-on:ready. However the UI doesn’t show the wings field which is an Array. Only shows the Tower field

#2 What I’m trying to do is…I want to show this initial content in the data store in a “repeat” block. And I also have a button on the page to add new data in the datastore which the repeat would be binded to:

But this won’t show up the initial data, unfortunately. Where am I going wrong?

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Did u change ur app id after creating the datastore?

Yes I might have.

Check config.js, and check if the datastore is under the page’s app id…

Currently we show only simple types as inputs - like number and strings.
There is no support for nested structures like arrays or objects.

That is why you see only Tower and not Wings