I had a perfectly working backend until server switch


Another good lesson for @psweb is always to add form validation on both client side and server side in the action.

This way you ensure the user has entered valid input and on the server side you validate the input data of the action always before you insert it in the database.

This should be a golden rule to always follow and it is pretty easy to do with the form validator.

It will save you a lot of troubles and debugging later.


Looks like i went to bed too early and missed then fun


Thank you @Teodor for those quick tips, very very helpful.

@George I think this is exactly why I have never had such trouble before, because in general most of my forms have many required fields. In this case the client specifically had said that they wanted virtually no requirements. They wanted to form to submit even if only one field was complete and all other blank because they do not know how much data they would be able to get on each client other than their name.

So happy I have a better understanding of conditions in the insert and update now. I really thought that was only there file filename input on an upload field.


I think @s.alpaslan is already working on some good articles about the power of query builder and conditions. Maybe you can cooperate - share all this knowledge!