I had a perfectly working backend until server switch


Managed to get this working but it still makes no sense at all

Had to go to every date field on the update and insert action and add a .default(“0000-00-00”)
Had to go to every number field on the update and insert action and add a .default(“0”)

I assume it is a server issue still because obviously this worked before???


Im just brainstorming with you. I think it’s related to the date format of the hosting provider, if it’s in the US then it’s mm/dd/yyyy and maybe that caused an issue in your DB


Maybe you are onto something because yes, i switched from a UK host to a US host, so that could quite possibly be what the issue is.
I wonder if there is a way for me to change that at the server level to be the format i want or not?


you may use the date formatter function to override the date format


Sorry just to confirm, are you meaning in Wappler using the data formatter or are you meaning at server level.
The issue is that I have to leave the date format at yyyy-MM-dd as there are already 80 000 records in the database in that format, so I can not change to mm-dd-yyyy
I would like to set it at WHM or cPanel server level rather to default to yyyy-mm-dd or in the MySQL server


I believe MySQL by default is set to yyyy-mm-dd?


Yes in Wappler.

I usually have this issue when hosted in US servers.

1- Create a field in SQL and take note of the format
2- In my code I convert the Date to dd/mm/yyyy to display
3- In case of Update and Insert I change the date format to mm/dd/yyyy


Hmm, that sounds like there could be an issue, I really would not want to Update or Insert in mm/dd/yyyy even if i display the data as yyyy-mm-dd.
Also I think brad is right, because if i hover over the date field in phpMyAdmin it says acceptable range and that is in yyyy-mm-dd format?

I am trying to compare every screen i can from the old server to the new server in phpMyAdmin now just to check the defauls


you have faced this before and its because you cant leave the fields blanks. set them to accept NULL
that is a must in the updated mySQL version
i am pretty sure it was you :sweat_smile:


Does that not mean NULL? or are you meaning somewhere else.


you are sending an empty string. witch is not the same as NULL or date


you cant make the column varchar? try to remove the field from the post i guess?


I understand but here is my issue, i have tried sending

{{$_POST.input}} which if empty sends ‘’ and does not work
{{$_POST.input.default(‘NULL’) which does not work
{{$_POST.input.default(‘0000-00-00’) is the only one that does seem to work


have you tried to set the condition on the insert?


You are going to think I am stupid but no, because i have no clue how it works, i tried a few test but honestly have no clue what should go in there {{!$_POST.input == ‘NULL’}} is what i tried?


put this maybe :sweat_smile:


New server on the left, old server on the right


Just tried that and the error comes back


can i test the page?


Will send you login details on a PM