I can not make the page transition correctly


I could populate this page as expected.

But, when I click an anchor link of them, something wrong…
all pages are same…how can I read different dynamic data correctly?


Did you check if the query on your detail page ID is equal to your url.

Check this:

I have read that page many times… but I’m still wrong…um…

btw, my settings are like below.

What happen to the conditional step:?
Did you click conditions - Select the id and link the id to the Get value you want to filter by.?

that part is here.

I set a condition like this, I want to filter by “identry”.

this URL break down is

On top of the modal - next to columns - click conditions
Which is between columns and sorting.
Under condition:
You will have to select the identry column = Get identry.

I already set there though I can not get what I expected…

Did you transfer all the database element in the columns section?
Everything that is supposed to be displayed on the page should be there in the columns section.


I did add there though, the situation is same.

By the way,

SELECT * ....

This * is a wildcard, isn’t it?

The output of the query will return empty if you did not add it to the column section. If you already added to the column.
You have to check your page for server connect link.

currently these blue parts look very strange…they are not consistent.

URL’s identry is 4, but the output’s identry is 1.

try to link the manager query tag to the server connect query.

Competition result details query will have get value of identry. Link that entry to the url in the manager query tag.

what is a manager query? where can I find it??

Then you link it to the query in the server connect app.

On your page you need to use the :identry parameter from your routing as a value for the server action GET parameter.
Select your server connect component in App Structure and you will see the identry GET paramater there. Select the :identry parameter from your routing (route > params > identry) as a value there.

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@Teodor thanks a lot, it worked!!

@mamdi122003 thank you so much for taking your time!!