How to preserve login on update node/docker?

Node/ Docker

One thing i have never been able to resolve is how to preserve login credentials across an update with node. Every time i update a file i get logged out. I assume this is linked to a server restart.
Is there a way to preserve a login on update

Hi Brian,
have a look at the redis integration.

You can enable Redis as session storage in server connection global options.
For this you need a Redis instance - you can enable it with docker in the target options.

Thanks @MH2ag and @Teodor,

Will give that a try

I tried installing Redis from the docker/target configuration…but where should I set the cache time to preserve login on update? I tried on login server action and did not worked! thanks!

Hello Teodor,

could you please give me a hint about how to do it ?

In project setting - targets enable Redis on the targets you need:

In the workflows tab hit the cog icon to open up some global options for server connect:

Once open enable Redis in the Redis tab:

Set the session store to Redis:

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Thank you very much!!