How to Join fields from two separate databases?

Ok I’ve got two separate databases. One has orders and is the public facing website and the other is the internal production/Fabrication server. I need to query job status from the fabrication server and then find out which of the orders on the website those are? If the data was on a single database that would be a simple join. But I can’t join in wappler from two separate databases, although I have no problem accessing both databases from the server action scripts.

I’m guessing I…
step 1, query fabrication server for statuses
step 2, add a repeat to that action
step 3, somehow I match the orders from the webserver to match step 1?

Any direction would be great!


Maybe this helps…

thanks @mebeingken ! I’ll give that logic a spin, I knew it was something similar to that?

This is excellent @mebeingken. Are you using a condition to match the values together?

I kind of had to do the whole thing in reverse. I had to query production with values for workcenter and where it was in the order progress (i only needed orders that were in the first stage of production). Then I queried the orders and found which ones were active. But there were too many results as the workcenter could be multiple values and multiples stages in production. So i grabbed all the data even including the extra stuff, and then filtered them through a dataview on the the client side. When I get time I’ll show some screen shots.

You can now join data sources from different databases:

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Cool! This is AWESOME!!!