How to display queries?

Ok just spent like 5 hours trying to display a query without using the table, the only documentation is using a table, I’m about to go back to old coding ways, where or how can I just show a simple query like I got stuff filtered by a get, but no matter what it shows nothing on the screen?

The old way to just drag and drop from the dreamweaver query build was a cake, where is documentation for just a simple detail page without using repeaters? or do I have to always use repeaters?

Not even Data detail properties, shows my simple query :frowning:

Even coding for drupal seems easier right now.

are you displaying one row of data?

yes one row, I added app connect the lightning bolt gives me options but none display

No options are displayed when you click the lightning bolt, or nothing displays on the page?
Have you added server connect data source on your page? How do you filter it?
Have you checked the docs for details page:

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did you add for example a paragraph then assign the inner text to the column value from the query?

Awesome Teodor thank you things are more clear now