How to bind data on the page?

How to display the GET API data in the input fields or in any table grid etc… please suggest me.

Hello, first of all start with the basic docs and how tos:

I have gone through the document and the problem that i am facing near binding the API data to the table row by giving Make Repeat Children.
steps i followed for rendering the data:
1.Selected Get from API Action.
2.Selected Make Repeat Children for table body and gave value to it with expression.
3.Selected the Row and gave value with dynamic attributes.
but i am unable to see the mapped values.

What expression have you selected for the repeater? Is it a repeating data?

I have given the expression for Repeat as below:

and for dynamic attribute in the column:

What dynamic attribute have you used for the column?
I don’t see any paragraph or title inside it?

Are you sure the data from your API is a repeating data and does actually returns any results?
Can you provide a link to your page where we can check this?

Currently i am running my project locally.

Are you running the page on a local server, or are you just opening it from a random folder on your computer?

Running it on local server

Please check the browser dev tools for any errors. Also see if you can see the API result there.

It is blank.

Well, please then upload this page/site to some server which we can access and inspect what is wrong.

Can i send the zip file so that you can check it and let me know the solution.

It would be better if you just upload it to some hosting and send me a link.