How do I update portainer?

Very new to SSH, and still learning how docker actually works.

I believe there should be a docker-compose.yml somewhere that is deploying portainer?
And a folder with the files… But where? I can’t see it when I SSH into my production server and type ls

I installed portainer using the project settings

Hi Karh,

I usually do it through ssh in terminal.

Navigate to the folder where portainers docker-compose.yml is located and run : docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d

Your version seem quite old, and I have seen some major version updates of Portainer requires modifying the docker-compose.yml

PS: Things can break :slight_smile: Portainer is not important for the functionality of your app
I have not updated the one in my digital-ocean droplet since install

Probably my inexperience with command lines… but where do I find portainres docker-compose.yml?

When I SSH in (through wappler’s “host server SSH” and type ls I only get these 2 folders (which I made) image

I don’t think there is a big need to update portainer.

We create a special docker- compose file under tge user docker machine folder locally on your pc. Where the portainer version is specified.

Will see to update it in Wappler so on the next portainer deploy you will get a new one.

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@George thanks, you mean this one? image

I am trying to install Posthog using that guide.

However I am getting conflicting ports, so I thought I could use portainer to help me visually solve some issues.

How would you recommend me to install posthog the Wappler way, should I use this file image and add the service there?

I’ve updated the image there, how can I deploy portainer again?

@George Can you please help with updating Portainer?
I read somewhere this was going to be part of a recent Wappler update, but don’t see the latest version yet.
One of the main reasons I would like to update is that the new version has an option to download logs.

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+1 Had more container issues today that I would love an updated portainer for

Seems the new portainer has become more commercial and available in business and community edition. But the community edition isn’t much different than the current version we use.

Are you missing some essential functionality?


Which version is that? Also in the 1.X?

Btw you do know that you can view the logs in Wappler?


I can VIEW the logs in portainer as well right now. Its about downloading them conveniently.

Also, to view logs of remote docker in Wappler, I will have to SSH and write the log command with a time limit. Because if I just click the log button, its a nightmare seeing 100s of MBs worth of logs just scrolling inifinitely.
Or is there some other option you are refering to?

@George I’ve been setting up an ACME challenge with let’s encrypt to allow for a wildcard subdomain… now it’s done by SSHing and installing a newer version of traefik myself.

Honestly I’m more interested in knowing how to docker-compose up this wappler-compose/docker-compose.yml file image

That would make it a lot easier I figure to both update portainer and update traefik + set up what I need in traefik in the future.

how do you view the logs George?

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Thanks Sid

@George Still waiting for this update.


Me too :slight_smile: