Hide cell value if

In a table I have a column (event_date) that shows dates
I would like to display the date only if the value of another column (type) value = 1
Is it possible with Wappler without intervening on the code?
Thank you

Yes it is
1.Select the column
2. Inside the AppConnect UI choose
3.Dynamic Attributes
6. inside the ‘when field’ click the lighting bolt and then pick your value==1

Hope was clear enough

Is OK Thank you very much

There is a problem though
When Dynamic Attribute show (type == 1) does not hide only the text but hides the entire cell causing a misalignment of the cells with respect to the headers

Well, then wrap your text in a span and hide the instead of the cell.

Do I have to do this by changing the code or can I do it via Wappler?

I don’t get your question.
Just wrap the text in a span and hide the span.

We don’t have a visual tool for wrapping a text in span - so yes you have to do it in code view or split view

Ok I imagined but I wanted to check if there was a chance
Thank you

There is something that escapes me
I tried to change by wrapping the text and inserting hide inside the span but it does not work







You have doubled up your bindings. In code in the td remove the dmx-text="…"


I had not noticed it. Thank you