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I am Francoise, a French Canadian based in Halifax, Canada. I am a new Wappler lover. My background is in HTML, CSS, MySQL and PHP (and Wordpress), plus other programming languages. But I do not know anything on the server side of things.

My project is not too complicated to developed, the most complex will be the databases, and I am fine with that part. Before developing the web app, I have been exploring some tutorials on an Hostgator server with a Cpanel which I know a little, so far all good, and I am impressed with Wappler, it is well done and make me want to work with it.

I am now ready to start the development of my project. I would like to have the best setup.

My question concerned the server setup. Thinking about the future development, it seems to make more sense to switch the development to Ocean Digital. After reading some forums discussions here, it is inexpensive while developing, but can really scale up later. And if I decide to install locally a docker, it seems that it will be easy.

But will it be hard for me to setup and maintain a server not knowing anything about it? All advices are welcome here! I tried to setup a Droplet, but then I did not know which components to install in it. Would it be a good idea to use something like ? Another option would be to develop everything where I am and just moving when the app is ready, but I am feeling that could create future problems.

If the server setup is not long I could hire someone to do it for me. If it is not too hard, I could do it myself, but I have no clue what to install. I will need PHPmyAdmin and MySQL databases, and I guess a PHP Apache server so that it can work with Wappler.

Any thoughts?



Francoise, welcome to Wappler.

You do not need to set up a droplet, it is created automatically when you deploy your site from Wappler. Have you viewed my videos on the Wappler YouTube channel regarding docker setup and deployment, if not I suggest you do so, they are not long. No need to set up servers and databases if using docker

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Thank you, Oh - good news, I did not understood that. I thought that before I deploy I needed a server ready, I will check it out and do that.

Yes a digital ocean droplet creation is just a few clicks away in Wappler :slight_smile:

We call it docker machine.

See also:

Welcome @elephant If you’re going to use Serverpilot/Digital Ocean you’ll need to create a new droplet at DO, then install Serverpilot. It’s very easy and quick.

I personally prefer not to use Docker and either set up a stack myself or let someone like Serverpilot do that for me.

The only downside is that Serverpilot do not support load balancing or custom firewalls. Don’t panic, you’ll only need this once you starting seeing visitors in the thousands using your app. By that stage I’d suggest moving on to someone like for easy and hassle-free scalable hosting.

Let me know if you have any DO/Serverpilot related questions

Thank you @max_gb, I am thinking about this as I might incline that way too. I like the simplicity of not having a Docker locally and Serverpilot on DigitalOcean would be quick. It is then easy for me to work from on different computer, I just need a few local files and Wappler installed.